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The Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences was founded in 1978 as South Asia’s first educational facility devoted to gemology. They are recognized as the world authority in colored gemstones. Since the beginning of mankind, Asia has been a source of the world’s finest gemstones, so the founding of AIGS was ideal.

Because AIGS is based outside the U.S., the accreditation standards and requirements are dissimilar to those in America. It is therefore difficult to place a label of accreditation on AIGS, but by no means dismisses the legitimacy of the institution. Like GIA, AIGS offers both on-campus and distance education. AIGS offers the following gemology classes:

Introduction to Gem and Gemology
Countertop Sketching
Gem Identification
Understanding Basic Gemology Program
Diamond Grading and Pricing
e-Commerce Workshop
Colored Stone Grading and Pricing
Gem Photography Workshop
Synthetics and Treated Gem Identification
Basic Diamond Grading and Pricing
Jewelry Design
Basic Ruby and Sapphire Grading and Pricing
Jewelry Computer Aided Design
Basic Ruby and Sapphire Treatment I.D.

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gem a course

The Gemmological Association of Great Britain is the world’s oldest established provider of gemology education. Their Diploma in Gemmology is “…the direct descendant of the gem course that was proposed for the UK jewellery trade in 1908” (Gem-A, 2010).

Like AIGS, Gem-A is based outside of the U.S. and is therefore not under the same accreditation standards and requirements. Again, this by no means dismisses the legitimacy of the institution. Gem-A offers on-campus education as well as distance-education. Gem-A offers the following gemology programs:

Foundation Certificate in Gemmology
BSc in Gemmology and Applied Mineralogy
Diploma in Gemmology
Gemmology Practical Certificate
Gem-A offers the following Diamond Courses:
Diamond Practical Certificate
Three Day Advanced Diamond Grading
Gem Diamond Diploma
Gem-A Offers the following Short Courses and Workshops
Gemstone Workshops
Student Workshop
U.S.A. Lab Classes

Gem-A also offers private tuition and corporate education, and offer several options for study. For more information, please visit If you are a potential diamond dealer who want to learn the basics of pricing, you might want to refer to this url for reference:


The Canadian Gemmology Association is Canada’s authority figure for the practice of gemology. CGA acts as a liaison with governments in setting appropriate guidelines in the sale and marketing of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry. They offer several educational programs, and have flexible learning options such as professional courses, general interest courses and advanced courses, as well as daytime, evening and distance learning. They offer the following courses

The Canadian Gemmological Association Daytime Accelerated Course
Gem Appreciation
Practical Gem Identification
Talking Diamonds
Sophisticated Synthetics and Gemstone Enhancements
Canadian Professional Diamond Grading
Coloured Gemstone Grading and Valuation

There are many other institutions which offer professional gemology courses across the world as well. Depending on your own needs and aspirations, there are different courses that are suited for your goals. We encourage you to do some research and to find out more about the pros and cons of each institution before signing up for a course.