groom and brideDesign your own jewelry and follow your creativity by integrating the basic design concepts when producing your work.

Designing handcrafted jewelry is a passion and a way of life for me. Since I was a child I have been surrounded the key elements of art. I have spent my life in the company of many inspiring Mexican artists. They have not only given me a strong sense color and texture, but they have taught me how to see and notice the beautiful elements around us.


Use the elements of design to create works of art that talk to the soul. Their use of line, texture, shape and movement give their art a sense of movements that brings the viewer to a different realm of reality and makes you think and ponder. Integrating this concepts into my handcrafted jewelry gives my work a broader perspective and movement.

Like them, other great artists have helped me develop my “artistic eye.”

Handmade Jewelry Designs Highligt the Basic Elements of Designs

Developing this sense of composition is an on-going process, one that I now want to share with you and, hopefully take you in a journey that will change the way you view the world.

Before we begin, let’s pack our bags with some basic information:

In design there are two important components:

Elements and Principles

The Elements: Are parts which can be isolated and defined in any visual compositions or works of art. They are the structure of the work, and can carry a wide variety of messages.

The Principles: are concepts used to organize or arrange the structural elements of design.

They are both key in creating a well made piece of jewelry art.

In this article we will concentrate on the elements, which are:

POINT Even if there is only one point, on a blank page, the brain will attempt to make meaning for it. It looks for a relationship or order, even only to use it as a point of orientation in relation to the outline of the page.

When there are two points on a page, the eye will make a connection and “see” a line. Remember those dot-to-dot workbooks you used to do as a child?

Think about this idea when creating your jewelry sketches when you design your own jewelry. Sometimes connecting dots is helpful to test the functionality of a piece.

This process to connect parts is described as grouping, or gestalt.

LINE: is a mark made by a moving point. It can have great psychological impact according to its direction, weight, and the variations in its direction and weight.

It is a helpful in both visual and verbal ways. It is a symbolic language, as well as it communicates emotion through its character and direction. It incorporates feelings into your jewelry.

Vertical lines communicate a sense of spirituality as seen in the great cathedrals. This is a photograph of Glasgow cathedral, one of the few that survive the reformation.

Diagonal lines suggest a feeling of movement or direction. In two dimensional work they are used to indicate depth or illusion. The photo of this dancers shows a sense of movement. You do not know if she is suspended or about to fall.

Curved lines send different meanings; Soft, shallow curves suggest comfort, safety, familiarity, relaxation. They recall the curves of the human body, and therefore have a pleasing, sensual quality.

Project Ideas Based on the Priniciples of Design

In this necklace I have use curved lines to give handcrafted jewelry piece a sensual quality that highlights the focal gemstones. Integrate the design principles when you design your own jewelry.

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