Moissanite is very similar to diamond in many ways. Just like a diamond it is very hard and it is largely transparent. In fact moissanite is 90% as strong as a diamond. It also reflects light much like a diamond. In some ways moissanite is even more incredible than a diamond. Moissanite is far more resistant to heat than diamonds. It remains undamaged in temperatures twice that which burn diamond or melt 18K gold.

When moissanite first made it’s introduction into the world of jewelry in 1998 many jewelers mistakenly thought it was diamond. Moissanite actually has superior “fire” & “brilliance” to that of a diamond.

Unlike other “fake diamonds” moissanite does not cloud over time (nor turn your finger green) and it is extremely durable, being nearly as strong as a diamond. Since moissanite is more resistant to heat than diamond, in some cases it is even more durable.

While the moissanite sold as jewelry is synthetic, in nature moissanite is many times more rare than diamond. It was discovered in 1893 in very small amounts in an Arizona canyon by Dr. Ferdinand Henry Moissan. It is a truly interstellar substance as it’s been found to have originated outside of our solar system.

If you are financially unable to afford a diamond (diamond is currently about 9 times as expensive as moissanite) or morally against the way many diamonds are mined (“blood diamond”) then moissanite may be a great choice for your engagement ring.

For a price comparison: Currently one carat of diamond is about $4500 while one carat of moissanite is about $500.