green diamondBuying diamonds can be a bit confusing. It’s hard to choose what’s right for you, especially when you’re in a jewelry store where there are a lot of them to choose from. Experts say that every diamond is unique and there are no two diamonds that are identical and exactly the same. Every diamond has its own property, grade and rarity.

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Diamond pricing depends more on its cut and clarity than on the size itself.

Here are few things to consider and take note of when buying diamonds:

Diamonds are graded based on the “4 Cs”. These are standardized by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The 4 Cs of diamonds is Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carats. People often interchange cut with shape, but these are two different things in diamond grading.

The cut of the diamond has the most bearing in grading since it defines the quality and value of the diamond. The brilliance of the diamond depends on the cut. A well-made diamond shines brightly from the inner core and reflects its light to each side and angle.

Another important factor is the color or also known as the absence and the presence of the shade to white and colorless diamonds. A colorless diamond is of greater value since it allows more light to pass through it, thus, making the stone more brilliant. However, colorless diamonds are very rare as compared to the colored ones. The color is a result of the composition of the stone and it never changes over time.

The clarity of the diamond is also important. Clarity is based on what you see when you look at the diamond with your naked eye. Most diamonds have flaws: blemishes and inclusions. These flaws are acquired when diamonds are being processed and cut. However, some dark spots may only be visible if you look at diamonds using a magnifying device.

Lastly, the carats or simply the weight of the diamond should also be taken into consideration. Diamonds are being measured in terms of carats. Larger diamonds are more expensive than those of smaller sizes, even when they weigh the same in carats. The reason for this is larger diamonds are very rare and when they are cut, they lose their original size. Therefore, the larger the diamond, the greater it is of value.

One more important thing to consider in buying diamonds is to verify the certification from GIA or AGS (American Gem Society). Making sure it’s certified allows you to select the diamond with better quality and value.